This is the central GBV DAIA Server to query current availability of document and exemplars in libraries and similar institutions. info

See the DAIA specification for technical details and a description of the response formats.

Request format

The basic request format is (parts in brackets must be replaced by actual values):


There are up to three HTTP GET parameters:
a document identifier as described below
one of xml for DAIA/XML; json for DAIA/JSON; or turtle, rdfxml, ntriples, or rdfjson for DAIA/RDF in Turtle, RDF/XML, NTriples or RDF/JSON. Content negotiation as alternative may be added later.
JSONP callback name (only for format=json and format=rdfjson)

Base URL for specific libraries

To query the availability in specific libraries you must provide an International Standard Identifier for Libraries and Related Organizations (ISIL) as part of the base URL. To check whether GBV has information about a library identified by an ISIL, see the URL{ISIL}.

Document identifiers

Document identifier may consist of the following elements:
dbkey    supported
a GBV database key. By default the main catalog of a library is used as database. See for a full list of existing database keys. Additional databases can be added on request.
ppn    supported
the document record's pica production number (PPN).
epn    supported
the item record's identifier in a PICA system copy production number (EPN).
bar    testing
the item record's barcode or similar identifier.
isbn    testing
the document's ISBN. Lookup via ISBN is only supported for some databases. The result may contain multiple documents.
doi    testing
the document's DOI. Only supported if DOI is properly cataloged (in Pica3:2051/PICA+:004V), which is not the case for most records. The result may contain multiple documents.
eki    planned
the document's EKI. Not supported by now.

The general form of an identifier is {PREFIX}{DBKEY}:{IDTYPE}:{LOCALPART} where PREFIX is (optional), DBKEY is a GBV database key (optional if it can be derived from the base URL), IDTYPE is one of ppn, isbn, eki... and LOCALPART is the PPN, ISBN, etc. depending on IDTYPE.


DAIA validator

You can check and transform DAIA format with the DAIA validator.


All configuration files are available at GitHub. See /config for general configuration and /isil/{ISIL}/config for full configuration of a specific library.